Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for whatever emergency might arise on your homestead, be it not being able to purchase seed, or a huge storm coming through unexpectedly, job loss or any number of challenging times.

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Homemade Cleaning Supplies that Work!

With the craziness of today’s world, I thought it could be helpful to share a couple of recipes for homemade cleaning supplies .  Life has it’s hiccups and having some alternatives up your sleeve is helpful. It can be helpful to have some alternatives ready for “life’s hiccups.” The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier …

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Emergency Preparedness, book review

Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide, a Book Review

Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide By the editors of Backwoods Home Magazine This is a must have in my personal library.  It has been worth it’s weight in gold.  Life happens.  Here in Oklahoma, things like ice storms and floods happen. Unexpected expenses and personal misfortune happen unexpectedly to the best of people. This book tells you …

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Self-Reliance: Recession-Proof Your Pantry

Everyone should “recession proof” their pantry. A self–reliance guide from Backwoods Home Magazine Contributors – Jackie Clay, Jeffrey R. Yago, Sylvia Gist, Linda Gabris Our long-time homesteader, Jerreth, highly recommends this book and if you’re inclined to purchase your own copy at the link below. This is an excellent which  I’ve read several times.  It …

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