Learn how to grow your own food, whether it’s meat or veggies. Everyone should know something about where their food comes from. We believe that everyone should have the knowledge available to be more self sufficient and the knowledge of where their food comes from.

broody Buckeye hens - heritage birds - on today's Preserving Eggs blog post

Preserving Eggs

At this time of year, we are getting a ton of eggs on the homestead. It’s a wonderful thing! But now is the time to be thinking ahead. Have you ever considered what you will do when the birds slow down their production? Unfortunately, by the fall or beginning of the winter, the birds will …

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Venison jerky - making jerky is a favorite past time on our homestead

Making Jerky

Making Jerky One of my favorite snacks has always been jerky. Unfortunately, jerky is usually pretty expensive in the store. I can’t afford to buy it very often. However, a few years back, I got a dehydrator for Christmas. Dehydrators are such a wonderful thing to have on a homestead.  You can get one at …

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Sourdough rye bread

The Best Bread

The Best Bread When I was growing up in Mexico, my family had primarily white bread that was interspersed with corn bread. So, while I wasn’t picky about other foods, I wasn’t too keen on bread that goes crunch. However, Dad loved it. He began working on creating a bread that was similar to French …

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