Tips from the Homestead

Everyone can learn something new about homesteading. Here we have a collection of bloggers who give tips about the lifestyle through their blogs. If you have something to contribute, please contact us. We love to network with other homesteaders and add to the encyclopedia of homesteading knowledge that  we are creating via Homesteadingedu.

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Selling Livestock is a Homesteading Asset

If you raise animals on your homestead you probably need to sell some from time to time. By “raise,” I mean “reproduce” Selling homestead livestock is a natural part of the homesteading lifestyle. Reasons to sell livestock Sometimes one ends up with too many animals. Selling livestock can act as kind of a “safety valve” …

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Why You Should Carry a Multi-tool

If you do almost anything with your hands, whether it be on the farm, the garden or DIY projects in the home, you should carry a multi-tool. Almost anyone could use a multi-tool. “Multi-tool” is a term which describes a handheld, folding tool with multiple “blades,” or attachments. Some multi-tools are knives, by all rights. …

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