Why Do I Homestead?

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Why do I homestead?

Hey ya’ll,

Some of you who are just curious about homesteading may want to know what is homesteading and why do we do it? Homesteading is living in a more self sufficient way. In my case, homesteading means seeing sheep and goats peacefully grazing in an open pasture. It’s late nights and early mornings. It’s dealing with a sick animal, lambing ewe, or kidding goat.

It’s hours spent raising goat kids, watching them bounce and play when they are healthy. It’s the heart break of loosing a kid that became too sick to survive.

Homesteading is raising a calf from just a few days old and watching the bull calf grow and play. It’s learning how to be self sufficient enough to castrate that calf when he’s old enough and strong enough to castrate. It’s one day loading him into a trailer to go be processed, and a few days later filling your freezer with the best meat you’ll ever taste.

Bottle baby dairy calf, Brisket, striking a pose

Homesteading is learning how to raise your own fruits and vegetables. It’s hard work. Homesteading is also pride and joy upon seeing the harvest filling your kitchen table with food enough to last you for months. Homesteading is also knowing how to preserve what you can’t use right away so you don’t loose it.

Homesteaders lead a lifestyle of learning. They live in a multitude of places and not all of them choose to raise livestock as part of their journey. Sometimes, the journey starts with a garden. Sometimes it’s starts with a single plant. Homesteading is all about being able to feed yourself without going to the store. It’s about having the ability to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. It’s about being creative with problem solving.

I chose this lifestyle because I want to be able to feed myself. I chose this lifestyle because I care about the animals that I eat and I want to be sure that they have the best life possible. I chose this lifestyle because I love living in the country. I chose it because of a love of learning.

Do you think that you’d like to be able to do any part of the above? We can help. Have a look at some of our classes.

Until next time,

Homestead In Health, Ya’ll!



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