When You Feel Like You Have Too Much Produce…

bagged okra, okra
Okra that we have been working on processing.

Produce Overload

Hey all,

We had someone give us a bunch of okra recently and in the past few years, we’ve had bumper crops flood us in produce. Aside from canning, what else is there to do with produce when you are getting too much?

We use a dehydrator to dry finely sliced produce such as cucumbers or okra. One of the things that we have found is really nice is that we can season the produce the way we want, dehydrate it, and then have quick, easy, and tasty snacks for on the go. Not to mention healthy.

Now, I know a lot of people either don’t know how to cook okra (easy there southerners, I know that one seems hard to believe), or they don’t think they’ll like it because most people that aren’t from states that eat it a lot, would describe it as slimy. If it’s cooked correctly, or dehydrated, it isn’t slimy at all. We either fry it with oil, or as I stated above, we dehydrate it with a coating of salt, pepper, or some other type of seasoning such as creole seasoning. It ends up being a healthier version of potato chips. Just like chips, once you start eating your dehydrated produce, you won’t hardly want to stop.

A seasoning that my brother sent us from a trip he took to Hawaii. This stuff was excellent for flavoring dehydrated cucumbers.

My dehydrator is going to have to get put to use today for that very reason. My mother dehydrated a bunch of cucumbers and okra this past week, and when she flew out to the west coast to visit her first grandchild, guess what? All the lovely dehydrated produce went with her. It’s incredibly good stuff!

As far as what type of dehydrator to get, I highly recommend the Nesco dehydrator. You can get one new for around $51. My dehydrator is one of my most treasured items in my house. Aside from drying fruits, and veggies, I also love making jerky. We even found a recipe for homemade jerky that doesn’t require buying packets from the store. I am now able to make chicken or turkey jerky for myself without having to buy the mixture to make it.


Until next time,

Homestead in health, ya’ll!



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