Why fill Your Propane Tank in Summer?

Propane tank, 250 gallon propane tank, LP gas tank

When it comes to home heating, the price of fuel is highest when demand is at its peak and lowest at its ebb.

Some years ago we ran out of propane in the winter. It was extremely cold and, to top things off, the situation with crude oil production had caused prices to spike. When the fellow who filled my tank handed me the $450 bill, I thought to myself, “This is going to be the last tank of propane I EVER purchase!” I was grieved over that bill! Well, it wasn’t the last tank of propane. We’re still using it… as a back up. We mainly heat with wood.

In our home we use propane for cooking and drying clothes, and as backup for heating.

That experience motivated me to lay up a whole lot more firewood as well as think hard about ways to economize. Beside burning firewood, I learned that the price of propane (a.k.a. LP gas) varies according to the time of year. Gas companies drop their prices during the summer. Hence it makes lots of sense to fill your propane tank in the summer. Last week we filled the same tank for $170.

Why wouldn’t you fill your propane tank in the summer?

One reason you might not fill your propane tank in the summer is that it’s easy to forget. You don’t very much need the gas at that time. However, it pays to mark it on your calendar and remember. Surely you can think of something to do with the extra cash! Another reason you might not fill your propane tank in the summer is precisely because it is not urgent at that time. You want to use the cash for something else, but remember, you’re going to have to purchase it sooner or later. Why not do it while it’s cheap?


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