Why I Freeze My Own Fast Food

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Our family leads a pretty fast paced life. This morning, I rushed to do chores, eat and grab a lunch before leaving for work at 5:30 AM. Everything I did was choreographed, some of it from the night before. Taking notes on my chore list, I find that I accomplished 17 distinct tasks just in taking care of the animals and clean up of equipment. On top of that, I fixed a sausage, egg  and cornbread breakfast and did my dishes, before heading out the door.

I left two tasks for my wife: clean bottle baby bottles and put up pasteurized milk.

At 5:30 sharp, I grabbed a lunch and headed to work…

Notice I didn’t make a lunch. I grabbed a lunch. That took less than 10 seconds, yet, I’m not one to skimp on lunches. When I happen to eat my lunch with others, I almost never wish I had what they’re eating, but rather I fancy they might envy me.

You see…

I freeze my own fast food for convenience.

When I need a lunch, I often go to the freezer and grab a zip lock or a glass container with a delicious homemade meal, ready to reheat. My “fast food” is only “fast” because it’s about ready, when I grab it and head out the door. This is a genuine home cooked meal that we cooked ahead of time. It’s frozen and ready to go. During the winter, on a cold night, I’ll even put that meal in my car, before going to bed. That way, I don’t even need to think about it in the rush of the morning.

Many of my lunches are the result of utilizing leftovers and making soups or stews, as described in How to Stretch a Chicken .

We also freeze and package stir fries and other meals, which are usually compiled from leftovers from our evening meal.

I freeze my own fast food for the flavor!

We made the bag of turkey soup, pictured above, with leftover turkey which we had both raised and smoked ourselves! One would be hard pressed to find such soup in a restaurant. It’s fabulous! If I add a bit of our homemade hot sauce to the soup… oh my, that’s indescribably good! Our “fast food” is only “fast” because of its convenience on “launch day,” not because of its quality.

stew with lots of vegetables, squirrel stew, cooking to live well
Look at all the vegetables in that stew!

I freeze my own fast food for the nutrition.

When we make it ourselves we avoid many unnecessary and sometimes harmful additives. We can also pack that meal with lots of vegetables and good stuff we produce on the homestead. This may be “fast food” because of convenience, but it’s certainly not when it comes to taste and nutrition.


When I freeze my own fast food, it’s not always soup or stew.

I can put together a serving of meat, potatoes, rice, etc. and vegetables and carry it to work for lunch. The sky’s the limit for combinations to make quick, delicious and nutritious lunches to go. Just be sure to make more than enough, when you cook a regular meal.


Do you have a favorite homemade “fast food?” We’d love to hear about it in the comments area.



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