The Homesteading Edu Story

We believe there is a growing interest, from all walks of life, in becoming self-reliant. However, our society has lost connection with the methods and practices of previous generations. If you do a search on any social media or video sites you will find a tremendous amount of homesteading information. Some reason for this is linked to a lack of trust in economic, social and spiritual direction of our society. Others have capitalized on this mistrust to create a  business venture. Some are true to frugal living and traditional values, but it is difficult to find proven methods which lead to true homesteading self-reliance.

This website was an answer to the numerous requests that we receive on a regular basis for advice, mentoring and how to’s. We have over 30 years of experience practicing the homesteading lifestyle. We desire to teach others how to homestead right where they live. Urban or country, experienced or novice, we are looking to take our experience and help you.

Homesteading is a community effort. You can do it alone but it will take you many years of painful mistakes. Why not reach out and save time and wasted efforts by learning and sharing the ways of the homesteader? The early American pioneers were courageous, strong and tenacious people, however, they didn’t do it alone. Church communities and families worked together to survive. Join us on your journey, let’s work together.

The Homesteading Edu Team

About the Courses

Our courses are not taken for a grade. They are set up as courses with a table of contents to provide comprehensive coverage of whatever topic that you are interested in. That said, maybe you know a lot and only want to see one section of the course.

The table of contents, or search bar, can quickly take to your area of interest. However, maybe you don’t know anything and would like to learn. We are here to help you and meet you where you are at!

Unique and Fresh Courses

The courses are also unique in that we add to them on a regular basis. So, once you have taken a course, we encourage you to check back periodically to see what new items might have been added.

Join the conversation

Tell us if you see a topic missing, put it in the comments area and we will do our best to address it. We love new recipes. If you have a good one, share it with us and we will add it to the course. Share plant varieties that you love, send us pictures and a description and we will add it to collection of plants. For example green beans;  maybe you grow a different bean than what is mentioned in the course. Tell us about it. How about chickens, you may have great success with a different breed of chickens than we is mentioned. Send us pictures and a description of them. This is how we can build the community. We trust you will enjoy the courses and make new friends through Homesteading Edu!